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Why Cryptocurrency?

In the world of Finance and investment cryptocurrency opens a new Era of possibilities. Look at the table which the yield able to give the cryptocurrency market. Such dynamics and profitability will not be able to give any one of the classic exchanges: commodity, stock and even Forex. Cryptocurrencies, having 100% liquidity, can provide the hundred percent of the net profit for several months.
All the world's major investors earn on cryptocurrency today.
Cryptocurrency is a young phenomenon who is only 8 years old and in this moment, the colossal growth and development of this industry. Many experts believe that cryptocurrency is the only alternative to the modern financial system and a new stage in the evolution of money and the development of society.

Cryptocurrency is not subject to any country, government or organization. This was made possible thanks to the innovative principle of decentralization (instead of a single server there are millions of independent computers that you install yourself).

Cryptocurrency is subject only to mathematical laws. It is impossible to destroy physically, to legally prohibit or control.

In practice, we got the money that is transmitted only from person to person, without intermediaries, instantly, without a fee, anywhere in the world, any amounts, the payment is completely anonymous, untraceable and untaxed.

Cryptocurrency right now is the shortest way to riches. This phenomenon has already spawned a wave of young millionaires.

Essentially, a cryptocurrency is a digital gold.

Goals and objectives

The company's mission is the development and implementation of cryptocurrency technologies in economic processes to create a transparent and fair society. Cryptocurrency is a phenomenon that can change the world for the better, to make society more fair, transparent. To eradicate such factors as corruption, inflation, inequitable distribution of budgets.
Promote the idea of cryptocurrency and the creation of communities of people, realizing their needs, using the power of cryptocurrency.
The creation of an accessible multifunctional cryptocurrency platform.
To provide the best tools returns on the market with transparent statistics.
To provide quality training in the basics of cryptocurrencies and to give opportunities for personal and career growth.
The benefits of investment in cryptocurrency
Work Supertrend
Cryptocurrency – Supertrend the XXI century, this new market which opens unique opportunities.
Many experts compare the importance of the invention of cryptocurrencies with the invention of the Internet.
Leading global corporations are paying close attention to the subject of the blockchain and cryptocurrency. Our team consists of experts, lawyers, traders, financiers who are able to profit from this trend.
High yield
The cryptocurrency exchange is the same exchange as the stock or Forex. But the cryptocurrency exchange as an asset, has the potential for tremendous growth.
Cryptocurrencies have huge dynamics: the growth per day can be more than 100%. For a long period, some cryptocurrencies are showing growth of more than 10.000%.
Market capitalization of crypto-currencies in the half year increased from 10 to 100 billion dollars.
Flexible terms for investors
Due to the characteristics of cryptocurrencies, our company can work with investors of different levels, minimal entry threshold is only$ 10. The investor manages their portfolio: uses capitalization, partially or fully can withdraw your money.
Low risk
We use 4 high-yield independent directions: trading, exchange Service, ICO, Exchange arbitration.
This allows to diversify the risks and virtually eliminate the possibility of losses for investors. Our traders do not use margin trading (leverage).
Work with real-world currency
Our company works only with real cryptocurrency which has a real capitalization, traded on the major exchanges and have a global perspective.
We look forward to working with the 5th largest cryptocurrency, which have 100% liquidity.
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Career growth
The company offers tremendous opportunities for career growth, the cryptocurrency market needs competent professionals. After training in company, you will be able in a short time become a sought-after professional and to reach a high income.
Each partner's available career from part-time work by the consultant under the Board of Directors.
Investment proposal
Alpha Cash offers stable and high returns, through a diversified and decentralized investment pool. Based on the experience of professionals in four directions to provide the best investment offer in the market of cryptocurrencies. To minimize risk, investors ' funds are distributed in the 4 priority areas.
The value of cryptocurrencies may change significantly during the day. Successful long-term experience of our traders on the classic exchanges allows you to work professionally in this area and earn up to 10% profit every day.
Exchange arbitration
Exchange of cryptocurrency is a very new phenomenon. Every day a growing number of transactions and trading volume. Daily trading volume of more than 1 billion., but the total market capitalization of over 100 billion dollars. The largest exchanges are located in USA, China and Europe. Quotes for the same amount of cryptocoins may vary in value up to 10% on different markets.
Exchange service
The demand for buying and selling cryptocurrency is growing every day. Alpha Cash is the best service for the exchange of cryptocurrency for each region. This area has a higher margin than Bank currency exchange. Exchange fee can be up to 10%. A day can be thousands of directions exchanges.
ICO is a very promising direction and has similarities with the IPO. Weekly there is a number of promising amount of cryptocoins, some of which have the ability to grow in price by more than 1000%.
Statistics Alpha Cash
*Data for the year 2017 from the date of start of the company
The number of investors
$22,8 M
The total investment
The average yield per month

A successful career with Alpha Cash

Cryptocurrency is sverhpredelna and a very young field. On the market there are very few specialists in this field. Each partner has the opportunity to be trained and start earning with the company. You can go from part-time consultant to a Member of the Board of Directors, rising through the ranks. It all depends on You!
Career growth in a team
Passive high income
Office program
The purpose of the office program is to assist the active partners in the regions to promote the idea of cryptocurrency and the platform Alpha Cash.
Successful partners have the opportunity to obtain the position of head of the regional Alpha Club.
Alfa Club is a marketing division of the company. Provides information and advice to investors and partners.

Clubs carry out educational activities in the field of cryptocurrency technologies and investment opportunities. On the basis of the Alfa clubs is partner training and technical advice on the Alpha platform Cash.

The company is ready to support effective managers and leaders.
At the company's expense, the affiliate may lease and equip a modern office room to work. Addresses and contacts of the alpha clubs will be posted on the main site platform.
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